Industry-Leading Speed

Not all hosting servers are equal, our servers are up to 12x faster for running WordPress than your conventional server* and our storage is 2x faster than the industry standard**

*Host3 Standard and High Availability plans with LiteSpeed and LSCache vs Apache and W3 Total Cache. **Sysbench read and write storage performance vs DigitalOcean and AWS EC2

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World's Best Control Panel

The heart of your website, we proudly offer cPanel on all of our hosting packages, offering a vast array of features, ease of use, reliability and backed by over 20 years of experience, we believe nothing comes close.

Always Online

Our infrastructure is designed with a primary goal, keeping your website online.

With our High Availability packages we continuously monitor your website and if any issues are detected we route your website to a healthy server in as little as 15 seconds, this means we can keep your website online no matter the situation whether it be a data center outage or planned maintenance.

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Security. Check

All of our packages come with a secure https (SSL) certificate included and Cloudflare intergration as standard, giving you best in class security and protection from attacks without compromise to performance.

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