Switch to Host3

Are you currently receiving a sub par service with your current web hosting or web design company? Switch to Host3 for the level of service you expect and deserve. Host3 make it easy to migrate your existing website files, databases, emails and more to us quickly and free of charge.

Web Hosting

For Web Hosting customers, if you're coming from another cPanel host we can transfer, create a backup or restore a backup on our servers. Not coming from a cPanel host? Not a problem, we can even arrange a transfer through FTP, whatever your situation Host3 can backup and move files and databases to our servers and get you up and running quickly. Once you have a web hosting account with us, simply contact our support team for migration assistance.

Web Design

Customers with existing Website Designs looking to move for us for our website maintenance packages, we can arrange a free transfer for all files, databases, emails and more depending on your current provider. As every situation is different, for a more accurate description on what Host3 can offer your existing website please contact our web design team.


Host3 also offers domain services. We can arrange a domain transfer from your current provider and setup the domain to work with our services. All domains transferred are registered to Host3 are done so in your name and are fully controlled by you.